3Aug 2020

Substantial increase in ‘corona travelers’ Eindhoven Airport

While Eindhoven Airport has started what is normally the busiest month of the year, the number of corona-infected travelers at the airport is increasing rapidly.

In the past two weeks, the number has nearly quadrupled. Since early June 2020, 26 infected passengers have arrived at the second airport in The […]

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29Jul 2020

Eindhoven Airport is not allowed to grow in 2022 either, impact of the corona crisis is still unclear

Eindhoven Airport may not expand the number of take-offs and landings in 2022 beyond the current maximum of 41,500. Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen informed the House of Representatives about this on Wednesday 29 July 2020.

It had previously been decided that this year and in 2021 Eindhoven Airport should make […]

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18Jul 2020

Ukrainian delegation at meeting of Eindhoven’s MH17 monument

In the presence of the military attaché of the Ukrainian embassy, a few relatives and Ukrainians from Eindhoven laid sunflowers at the MH17 monument in Eindhoven on Friday evening, July 17, 2020.

Only the sound of airplanes at Eindhoven Airport could be heard when the select group stopped at the […]

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5Jul 2020

Farmers blocked access to Eindhoven Airport

Farmers gathered at Eindhoven Airport on Sunday evening, July 5, 2020. There they take action against the nitrogen standards. They do this, for example, by blocking the access roads to the airport with their tractors.

A livestream on Facebook showed how some tractors block the road. The promotion runs smoothly, […]

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4Jul 2020

Construction work primary school De Startbaan

On 11 July 2020, construction work on the facade of De Startbaan primary school will commence on behalf of the municipality of Eindhoven.

Some preparatory work has already been carried out on the facade of De Startbaan in the past period. A number of facade panels have been removed to […]

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1Jul 2020

Youth enthusiastic about Dynamo Eindhoven photo course

Dynamo Youth Work held an exhibition in Youth Center De Hangar on Monday, June 29, 2020, where the results of a photo course were exhibited.

Dynamo Youth Work wants to stimulate and support the talent development of young people and is therefore always looking for new ideas. Monique Kuijten of […]

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27Jun 2020

Survey about the future of Meerhoven

The municipality of Eindhoven would like residents, entrepreneurs and partners in Meerhoven to think along about the future of Meerhoven and calls on them to complete a survey.

“We invite residents and partners in Meerhoven to dream and think with us. We realize that dreams do not always come true, […]

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27Jun 2020

77 American helicopters make a stop at Eindhoven Air Base

No fewer than 77 helicopters from an American helicopter brigade return to America from eastern Europe and make a stop at Eindhoven Air Base. From the beginning of July 2020, the helicopters return in groups.

The United States has asked the Netherlands for so-called Host Nation Support when moving military […]

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24Jun 2020

ASL wants to start a luxury scheduled service between Eindhoven Airport and London

SL JetNetherlands, an operator for private jets, has plans to start – preferably next year – with a luxury scheduled service between Eindhoven Airport and London.

The parent company in Belgium recently launched a new service: Fly Executive. Under this heading, a weekly scheduled service between Brussels and Ibiza is […]

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22Jun 2020

Child seriously injured in collision with cyclist in Meerhoven

On Monday evening, June 22, 2020, a child collided with a cyclist at the Zandkrab in Meerhoven and was seriously injured.

The young child is said to have landed on the head after the collision. Three ambulances, the fire brigade and a trauma helicopter were called up. The child was […]

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