23Jan 2023

Eindhoven Airport buys houses near the runway due to noise pollution: ‘No one can live there anymore’

Eindhoven Airport is the new owner of two homes on Kerkheide in Wintelre, right below the approach route of the southwestern runway. The airport buys out the owners for a total of just under 2 million euros.

Negotiations are ongoing with a third owner. This is reported by Omroep Brabant. […]

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19Jan 2023

Council of State: Parking Lock & Fly at Eindhoven Airport is commercial and rightly received a penalty

The municipality of Eindhoven has rightly imposed a penalty of 10,000 euros per week on Lock & Fly on the Luchthavenweg in Eindhoven for renting out parking spaces in violation of the zoning plan. This is the opinion of the Council of State. The penalty can amount to 120,000 […]

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13Jan 2023

New tenants wanted for ‘pyramid office’ after takeover by the municipality of Eindhoven

A new manager is looking for tenants for the ‘pyramid office’ on the Noord-Brabantlaan, which has been struggling with depopulation since the takeover by the municipality of Eindhoven.

“The municipality will continue to operate the building and has commissioned MVGM for property management. MVGM will start up the rental activities […]

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11Jan 2023

Some cases of scabies at homeless shelter Eindhoven: ‘No real outbreak yet, but we are alert’

The homeless shelter in Eindhoven is struggling with a few cases of scabies among visitors. According to director Thijs Eradus of Springplank 040, there are currently two people involved. “They are kept separate from other homeless people.”

According to Eradus, the homeless people in question have used the walk-in facility […]

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4Jan 2023

Uncertain future for ‘pyramid office’ in Meerhoven after takeover by the municipality of Eindhoven: tenants are retreating

Collective business building Dé Plek in Meerhoven, which has been owned by the municipality of Eindhoven for a few days, is struggling with depopulation. At least five tenants have already given notice, but there are probably a few more.

Other companies are considering leaving. Tenants are fed up with the […]

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27Dec 2022

Saturday January 7, 2023: christmas trees collection day

On Saturday, January 7, 2023 between 10 am and 4 pm, residents of the municipality of Eindhoven can hand in their Christmas tree at one of the 33 locations in Eindhoven, including the locations Zandstrand-Zandkasteel (between De Hangar and Echt Welschap) and Sliffertsestraat-Bosfazant.

The collected Christmas trees are processed into […]

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4Dec 2022

Share your opinion and ideas about the city forest and the Wielewaal

Estate de Wielewaal was purchased by the municipality of Eindhoven in early 2022. Before the estate is (partially) opened to the public, the municipality will make a development vision with plans, wishes and ambitions for the Wielewaal and its surroundings. Between December 2 and 18, 2022, residents can express […]

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26Nov 2022

Woonbedrijf is going to build 400 temporary, movable homes behind P+R Meerhoven

Housing corporation Woonbedrijf will build 400 temporary, movable homes at the P+R Meerhoven in Eindhoven from the end of 2023. That plan is now being worked out.

The homes are intended ‘for a diverse target group, a cross-section of society’, the parties say. One third is intended for status holders […]

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19Nov 2022

Eindhoven’s emergency homeless shelter is not yet overflowing

More sober than last year, but warm and dry. The winter emergency shelter at the Park & Ride in Meerhoven has been open since Friday November 18, 2022 for homeless people who are not entitled to regular shelter. They can go there free of charge until the end of […]

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19Nov 2022

Air Force exercises two weeks from Eindhoven Air Base

Exercise ‘Orange Bull’ will take place from Monday 5 to Friday 16 December 2022. During the exercise, C-130 Hercules transport aircraft will fly from Eindhoven Air Base to exercise locations in the Netherlands and Belgium. Local residents may experience noise nuisance during the exercise days.

Orange Bull is an exercise […]

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