18May 2024

Busy Meerhoven intersection more chaotic than ever due to closure of cycle path

The closure of a busy cycle path in the Grasrijk district in Meerhoven creates dangerous situations at an intersection near Grasvogel and Grassavanne. Cyclists are diverted across the road and this creates dangerous situations with a primary school on the other side.

Large yellow signposts, hurried motorists who drive past […]

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16May 2024

Coffee concert Zangrijk Meerhoven

On Sunday, May 26, 2024, Zangrijk Meerhoven will organize a coffee concert from 11 am to 1 pm in the Zeecafé of Wooninc.plus building De Blinkerd.

Everybody is welcome. Admission is 5 euros per person (including two drinks).

The Zeecafé is located in Wooninc.plus building De Blinkerd. Address: Graskant 11 in […]

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14May 2024

Language Café Meerhoven seeks volunteer

Do you speak Dutch well and do you enjoy talking to people who want to improve their Dutch? Then sign up as a volunteer at Language Café Meerhoven.

Language Café Meerhoven focuses on residents of Meerhoven who want to learn to speak Dutch in an accessible way. Every Friday from […]

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14May 2024

‘Young people smoke, blow and drink in the dug-out’: football club DBS is all done with it

Graffiti on the dug-outs, the field full of beer cans and blowing youngsters hanging around in the evenings. Soccer club DBS in Meerhoven is done with it and threatens to lock its sports park outside soccer hours.

According to board member Leon Klaassen, things have gotten out of hand in […]

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9May 2024

Park walk with IVN nature guides for wheelchair or walker users

On Saturday, May 11, 2024, the Institute for Nature Education (IVN) is organizing a walk through Park Meerland led by nature guides especially for wheelchair or walker users.

The regular IVN walks are often not entirely suitable for people in a wheelchair or with a walker. On Saturday, May 11, […]

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8May 2024

Winner of the Meerland residential tower development announced

The ‘Salix’ plan by Salix Development Company i.o. has been selected to develop the residential tower in Meerland Park. The jury unanimously assessed Salix as an iconic plan with many sustainability aspects and a special living concept, based on collective living.

The plan for the residential tower in Meerhoven includes […]

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6May 2024

Meerhoven car park is packed with holidaymakers due to a mistake: shoppers cannot park their car

Many customers and residents searched in vain for a parking space in the Shopping Center Meerhoven this weekend. Due to a technical problem, the garage appears to be largely reserved for airport travelers who park their cars here during the May holidays.

People who wanted to do their shopping in […]

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5May 2024

These sisters from Meerhoven dance through life

In the Van den Broek family from Meerhoven it is about dancing every day. The three sisters have been doing guard and show dancing since childhood. A year ago, they and their parents took over the Eindhoven dance group Blue Motion from Ingo, Hilde and Sarah Audenaerd.

As a six-year-old […]

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1May 2024

Liberation fire for the first time through Meerhoven

On the night of Saturday 4 to Sunday 5 May 2024, a group of runners from the Great Veldhoven Athletics Club (GVAC) will bring the Liberation Fire to Veldhoven for the first time. The running group also visits Meerhoven.

The National Liberation Fire Relay has been a national tradition since […]

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22Apr 2024

ASML chooses the Eindhoven region: 20,000 new jobs and company doubles in size

Chip machine maker ASML wants to realize its strategic expansion, which will involve 20,000 jobs, in Eindhoven. With this crucial choice, the company will ensure enormous growth in the city and the region in the next ten years.

Financial CEO Roger Dassen of ASML has signed a letter of intent […]

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