20Sep 2020

Survey results: Meerhoven wants more restaurants and bars

At the end of June 2020, the municipality conducted a survey among Meerhoven residents about the future of Meerhoven. One thing is clear: Meerhoven wants more restaurants and bars.

That Meerhoven residents feel involved in their living environment is evident from the enormous response. Almost 1000 residents completed the survey […]

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20Sep 2020

Police call: report nuisance from young people immediately

In recent days, nuisance has been experienced in Meerhoven from young people setting off heavy fireworks. The police are calling on residents to report nuisance immediately and not to wait until the next morning.

Meerhoven has been plagued for some time by young people who cause nuisance in and around […]

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19Sep 2020

Director Ien de Kock says goodbye to the St@rtbaan in Meerhoven

After 18.5 years, Ien de Kock retired yesterday as director of the St@rtbaan primary school. She was waved goodbye by all pupils and staff.

Started in the well-known black and white checkered building with less than a hundred students, the St@rtbaan under Iens management has grown into a school with […]

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14Sep 2020

BVM2: do not fiddle with airport noise reduction

The request from Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen to Pieter van Geel to re-examine the intended noise reduction and fleet renewal at Eindhoven Airport until 2030, has annoyed the ‘Beraad Vlieghinder Moet Minder’ (BVM2, Board of Flight Nuisance Must Reduce) in which residents of the airport are united.

In the advice on […]

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11Sep 2020

“Two large projects in Eindhoven are a big step on the way to large-scale timber-built homes”

Timber construction is ‘hot’, but in practice it is often limited to luxury homes for the lucky few. This is about to change. Architectural firm FAAM has two projects in progress for a wider audience: apartments in Eikenburg and owner-occupied homes with garden in Meerhoven.

Both projects are entirely executed […]

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8Sep 2020

HOV line to Eindhoven Airport and BIC will cost 30 million

The construction of a third line for high-quality public transport (HOV) in Eindhoven, between bus station Woensel and Eindhoven Airport and the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC), will cost some thirty million.

This is evident from a proposal to the Eindhoven city council, in which an additional preparatory loan is requested. […]

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7Sep 2020

Living in ‘Het Bosbad’ in Meerhoven

At the end of 2020, the construction of ‘Het Bosbad’ is expected start on the outskirts of Meerhoven: 20 luxurious, sustainable apartments in a wooded setting. There are still a few apartments available.

Earlier this year, KIKX Development from Rotterdam won the design competition ‘Living in a sculpture garden, cluster […]

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6Sep 2020

Exercise Falcon Leap from Eindhoven Air Base

Exercise Falcon Leap will take place from 7 to 17 September 2020. During this exercise, parachutists and aircraft depart from Eindhoven Air Base.

For security reasons, departure times and drop zone locations are not disclosed in advance. Three to seven aircraft will take off three times a day in quick […]

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6Sep 2020

Peace walk in Meerhoven

On Saturday, September 26, 2020, the Platform Philosophy of Life and Peace Eindhoven region, in collaboration with the Vredesburo Eindhoven foundation, will organize a peace walk in Park Meerland.

The walk is part of the Peace Week 2020. The start is at De Hangar (Meerbos 4) in Meerhoven. From there, […]

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4Sep 2020

Car turned upside down after head-on collision at Flight Forum

In an accident on the Marinus van Meelweg at Flight Forum, a car turned over.

The accident occurred when two cars approached the intersection at high speed. The drivers could not stop in time to avoid each other.

Read more on Studio040.nl (in Dutch).

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