22Jul 2021

Relocation of waste container in Shopping Centre Meerhoven

Wednesday, 21 July 2021, Cure Afvalbeheer relocated some underground waste containers in Shopping Centre Meerhoven to minimise inconvenience to local residents. The new locations can be found below.

Due to construction activities in Meerrijk, Cure Afvalbeheer relocated several waste containers in Shopping Centre Meerhoven last April. In 2023, the containers […]

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21Jul 2021

Unveiling of playground airplane is the beginning of the new green street Esplanade in Meerhoven

The history of Welschap airport becomes visible in the design of a ‘green street’ along Zandkasteel in the heart of Meerhoven.

The Airport Building at Zandkasteel in Meerhoven is once again accompanied by an airplane. On Wednesday afternoon, July 21, 2021, a large new playground airplane was unveiled.

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18Jul 2021

Opening of Esplanade and unveiling of a playground airplane in Meerhoven

On Wednesday, July 21, 2021 around 2 pm, the ‘Esplanade’ in Meerhoven will be officially opened: a recreation area about 40 m wide and 600 m long, centrally located between the residential areas Zandrijk and Bosrijk.

Flying, air and light are the inspiration for three special spots in the Esplanade. […]

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16Jul 2021

Eindhoven buys nitrogen space to keep biomass plant up and running

The biomass power station in Meerhoven can continue to operate for the time being. And the future also looks a bit brighter.

The municipality of Eindhoven has reached an agreement with a party to buy a quantity of nitrogen emissions. This allows the necessary nature permit to be applied for. […]

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13Jul 2021

Large distribution centre Van der Valk on Park Forum

The Van der Valk family is going to take the supply of hotels back into their own hands. The plan is to soon start building a logistics centre at Park Forum West in Eindhoven, from which 75 hotels in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany will be supplied.

During a small, […]

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10Jul 2021

Eindhoven commemorates Hercules disaster

On July 15, 2021, Eindhoven will commemorate the Hercules disaster at the monument at the airbase and at the monument next to the city hall. It will then be 25 years since the aircraft carrying members of the Fanfare Corps of the Royal Netherlands Army crashed at Eindhoven Air […]

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9Jul 2021

Meerhoven gets with Mrs. Park a cozy place by the water

It took a while, but there is now really a restaurant  in the park of Meerhoven. The first pile for Mrs. Park has been symbolically hammered into the ground this week. The doors to the lake in Park Meerland will open in the spring of next year.

Chantal de Neijs […]

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7Jul 2021

Meerhoven will get a terrace in Meerland park after all

It has been talked about for years, but there is still nowhere to get something to eat or drink in Park Meerhoven. That will soon change.

Source: Studio040 (in Dutch).

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29Jun 2021

Court ruling on municipal heating postponed again

The court ruling on the double connection fees for Ennatuurlijk’s municipal heating has been postponed again. The district court in Den Bosch does not expect to deliver its verdict on the million-euro question until early August.

That is what the Municipal Heating Foundation Eindhoven has been told. Initially, the judge […]

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28Jun 2021

Historic aircraft temporarily to Eindhoven Air Base

From July 1, 2021, the runway at Gilze-Rijen Air Base will be renovated. For this reason, a number of aircraft of the Royal Air Force Historic Flight are temporarily coming to Eindhoven Air Base. The aircraft will be flown over from Tuesday, June 29.

The aircraft will remain at Eindhoven […]

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