23Oct 2020

Shopping center Terminal M in Meerhoven sold to German investor KGAL

Shopping center Terminal M in Meerhoven has been sold to a German investor.

LSREF5 Solit Meerhoven BV, managed by Propertize manager, has sold the shopping center to the German institutional fund KGAL.

Hessel Woltjer of Propertize: “With this sale we complete our strategy for the shopping center. The high occupancy rate […]

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18Oct 2020

Donate a tree or shrub to the Arboretum Meerhoven

Since October 2020, residents can donate a special tree or shrub to the Arboretum of Park Meerland. Volunteers take care of the purchase, planting and maintenance of the tree or shrub.

The park has an arboretum called Boomrijk: a special collection of trees and shrubs. The arboretum is located on […]

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18Oct 2020

Closure of Anthony Fokkerweg viaduct October 30 to November 9, 2020

The Anthony Fokkerweg viaduct over the A2/N2 will be completely closed from Friday 30 October 9 pm to Monday 9 November 2020 5 am. The intersection on the Eindhoven North/GDC side will also be closed from 6 to 9 November. Traffic is being diverted. Cyclists experience little inconvenience. They […]

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6Oct 2020

Clarity about better Eindhoven Airport landing system by the end of 2021

Last year and at the beginning of this year, Eindhoven Airport was completely paralyzed several times by dense fog. The result: a terminal full of stranded passengers. A better instrument landing system can change that.

Whether there will be a higher category of that so-called ILS (instrument landing system) is […]

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4Oct 2020

Zuiver Bosrijk: naturally at home in Meerhoven

The neighbourhood Bosrijk in Meerhoven is still under development. Surrounded by many large trees, the new constuction plan Zuiver Bosrijk with 32 homes, built in CLT wood, will be developed here.

The plan consists of three residential clusters among the trees: De Kruin, De Stam and De Bast. The houses […]

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3Oct 2020

Newsletter Residents’ Association Meerhoven October 2020

Residents’ Association Meerhoven has again published a newsletter. All households in Meerhoven (without a ‘no-no’ sticker) will receive a copy of the October edition soon.

Through this medium, the association keeps residents informed of what is going on in the neighbourhood. This is in addition to the news that is […]

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1Oct 2020

Meerhoven residents critical about police complex in Eindhoven district

The Meerhoven sounding board group does not feel that it is being taken very seriously when making plans for the new buildings for the police at Meerhovendreef / Sliffertsestraat in Eindhoven. That must change, says chairman Ruben Trieling of Residents’ Association Meerhoven.

The neighbourhood is particularly concerned about traffic nuisance […]

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26Sep 2020

Eindhoven golf course Welschap will close

The Eindhoven golf course Welschap will close its doors at the end of this year. According to the management, it turned out to be impossible to keep the site financially healthy.

This is stated in the letter sent to subscribers and club members on Friday, September 25, 2020. They can […]

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20Sep 2020

Survey results: Meerhoven wants more restaurants and bars

At the end of June 2020, the municipality conducted a survey among Meerhoven residents about the future of Meerhoven. One thing is clear: Meerhoven wants more restaurants and bars.

That Meerhoven residents feel involved in their living environment is evident from the enormous response. Almost 1000 residents completed the survey […]

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20Sep 2020

Police call: report nuisance from young people immediately

In recent days, nuisance has been experienced in Meerhoven from young people setting off heavy fireworks. The police are calling on residents to report nuisance immediately and not to wait until the next morning.

Meerhoven has been plagued for some time by young people who cause nuisance in and around […]

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