28Feb 2023

Group of 40 asylum seekers from Someren temporarily moved to Novotel in Eindhoven

A group of forty asylum seekers who have already moved several times within the region will be given temporary shelter in the Novotel in Eindhoven from Tuesday 28 February 2023. The refugees can stay there for at least a month and possibly a little longer.

The group of asylum seekers […]

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26Feb 2023

Butcher shop MeatUpp opens its doors in Meerhoven

After months of preparation, butcher shop MeatUpp will open its doors in Meerhoven Shopping Center on Saturday, March 4, 2023 at noon.

MeatUpp is a butcher in high-quality meat. In addition to a fixed range of beef, veal, lamb and chicken, they also offers natural and traditional products such as […]

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25Feb 2023

Nothing found in plane and luggage at Eindhoven Airport after bomb threat

Due to a bomb threat in an airplane, air traffic at Eindhoven Airport was halted for hours on Friday, February 24, 2023. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee secured the situation around 7.15 pm, after which the airport was released and air traffic could be restarted.

Emergency services turned out en masse […]

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18Feb 2023

Park walk with IVN nature guides

Sunday, March 5, 2023, the Institute for Nature Education (IVN) organizes a walk through Park Meerland, led by nature guides.

The walk will focus on the early spring. Nature guides tell you which plants, birds and insects can currently be found in the park. They also explain the thinking behind […]

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18Feb 2023

Cyclist (26) dies in an accident in Meerhoven

A 26-year-old cyclist from Veldhoven died on Friday evening, February 17, 2023 in an accident on the Grasdreef in Meerhoven. Police say it is believed to be a single-vehicle accident.

The cyclist fell around 9.45 pm near the bus lane at the Hovenring. What exactly happened is still unclear. Buses […]

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16Feb 2023

Survey: De Wielewaal estate not fully open, preservation of forest and heritage

The Wielewaal estate in Eindhoven must above all remain as it is. Philips heritage must remain visible, it must remain a forest and not be open to the public day and night

That is the result of opinions and ideas that the municipality collected in the city at the end […]

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23Jan 2023

Eindhoven Airport buys houses near the runway due to noise pollution: ‘No one can live there anymore’

Eindhoven Airport is the new owner of two homes on Kerkheide in Wintelre, right below the approach route of the southwestern runway. The airport buys out the owners for a total of just under 2 million euros.

Negotiations are ongoing with a third owner. This is reported by Omroep Brabant. […]

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19Jan 2023

Council of State: Parking Lock & Fly at Eindhoven Airport is commercial and rightly received a penalty

The municipality of Eindhoven has rightly imposed a penalty of 10,000 euros per week on Lock & Fly on the Luchthavenweg in Eindhoven for renting out parking spaces in violation of the zoning plan. This is the opinion of the Council of State. The penalty can amount to 120,000 […]

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13Jan 2023

New tenants wanted for ‘pyramid office’ after takeover by the municipality of Eindhoven

A new manager is looking for tenants for the ‘pyramid office’ on the Noord-Brabantlaan, which has been struggling with depopulation since the takeover by the municipality of Eindhoven.

“The municipality will continue to operate the building and has commissioned MVGM for property management. MVGM will start up the rental activities […]

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11Jan 2023

Some cases of scabies at homeless shelter Eindhoven: ‘No real outbreak yet, but we are alert’

The homeless shelter in Eindhoven is struggling with a few cases of scabies among visitors. According to director Thijs Eradus of Springplank 040, there are currently two people involved. “They are kept separate from other homeless people.”

According to Eradus, the homeless people in question have used the walk-in facility […]

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