1May 2021

Primary school ‘t Slingertouw at NPO Radio 1 about expats in Meerhoven

On Sunday, April 25, 2021, Museum ‘t Oude Slot in Veldhoven was the recording location for the NPO Radio 1 program’ Dijkstra en Evenblij ter plekke’. One of the topics was ASML’s success and the arrival of many thousands of expats in the region, including Meerhoven.

Guests in the broadcast […]

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30Apr 2021

Living in a “Flintstone” house? Residents receive key from printed “boulder”

There is an enormous boulder in the Bosrijk neighbourhood of the Meerhoven district. And not just any, people live in it. A milestone for Eindhoven and at the same time a world first. Because the thing is not made of stone, but of concrete. And it was built layer […]

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27Apr 2021

Free workshop Medic First Aid for Children

On Wednesday, May 19, 2021, Childcare Klokje Rond organizse a free online interactive workshop Medic First Aid for Children.

The workshop is intended for (future) parents and is given in English. Participants learn about the dangers and safety in and around the house and what they can do to improve […]

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27Apr 2021

Eindhoven can credit 7.8 million euros due to increase in price of homes and building land

Eindhoven can credit 7.8 million euros to all current construction projects in 2020. Due to the high demand for housing, the value of the land for housing is constantly rising. The municipality is profiting from this.

The forecast is partly a theoretical exercise. For large existing building plans such as […]

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26Apr 2021

Corona outbreak at elementary school De Startbaan in Meerhoven: 12 classes were quarantined

Salto school De Startbaan in Eindhoven is struggling with a corona outbreak. Nine employees of the elementary school have tested positive in the past week and a half, including the principal. The coronavirus has also been detected in a number of pupils, how many exactly is unknown. Tuesday, April […]

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21Apr 2021

Mirror villas in Meerhoven already cause commotion

A sculpture in the landscape, is how architect Marlies Zuidam of FAAM describes the mirrored houses in the greenery that are being built in Bosrijk, Meerhoven. 

Incidentally, there is already a commotion about it, even before construction has begun, because animal lovers fear that birds will fly into the mirrored […]

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18Apr 2021

Waste collection Shopping Center Meerhoven changed

Due to construction activities in Meerrijk, Cure Afvalbeheer has moved several waste containers in Shopping Center Meerhoven. In 2023 the containers will be placed at their final locations.

The underground waste containers at the Meergras location have been removed because this location will be inaccessible for one and a half […]

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18Apr 2021

ASML has permits for temporary parking spaces withdrawn

In late 2019, ASML applied for permits for 1,000 parking spaces at industrial park Habraken in Veldhoven and 1,600 at Park Forum in Eindhoven. For the site at the P+R Meerhoven, the company already had a permit for 800 spaces at the time. In any case, ASML had the […]

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16Apr 2021

Meerhoven neighbourhood wants postponement of decision on Eindhoven police complex

Eindhoven should postpone the decision on the arrival of the police complex in Meerhoven. Then there will be more time to take participation seriously and to search with the neighbourhood for the best possible, jointly supported solution.

If that does not happen, Residents’ Association Meerhoven will not hesitate to go […]

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13Apr 2021

Still no Hercules planes or paratroopers to be seen near Eindhoven due to technical problems

No large defense aircraft or paratroopers can be seen in the skies around Eindhoven for a while. The Hercules transport planes that were supposed to drop paratroopers and loads since Monday, April 12, 2021 are on the ground due to technical problems.

The intention was that the air force would […]

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