23Jan 2022

Falconers in Park Meerland

Falconers in Park Meerland will be active until the end of January 2022 to keep the rabbit population in the park in check.

There are too many rabbits in both cow pastures in particular. Because of the many rabbit holes in the meadows, the risk of bone fractures in the […]

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2Jan 2022

Saturday January 8, 2022: christmas trees collection day

On Saturday, January 8, 2022 between 10 am and 4 pm, residents of the municipality of Eindhoven can hand in their Christmas tree at one of the 33 locations in Eindhoven, including the locations Zandstrand-Zandkasteel (between De Hangar and Echt Welschap) and Sliffertsestraat-Bosfazant.

The returned Christmas trees are processed into […]

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23Dec 2021

Eindhoven sticks to the road along Grasrijk due to construction of a police complex, despite objections from direct residents

Despite objections from residents of Grasrijk in Eindhoven, the new Sliffertsestraat will be adjacent to their residential area to make room for a large, new police complex.

A road west of the police service center has many advantages compared to the east variant, says a letter to the city council […]

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22Dec 2021

Veldhoven council puts an end to KFC/Domino’s construction plan in Zeelst

o new restaurants of Domino’s Pizza and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) will be built on the outskirts of Zeelst. That was decided unanimously by the Veldhoven city council on Tuesday evening, December 21, 2022.

By torpedoing the plan of developer Mastade Real Estate, Veldhoven’s politicians are responding to the more […]

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18Dec 2021

Trees at Airport are getting dangerously high: greenery is pruned and felled

Nature lovers have been warned: it will become a lot less green at the beginning of next year to the north of Eindhoven Airport. And that is not the result of possible snowfall in winter, but the felling and pruning of trees.

The sound of chainsaws will be heard frequently […]

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12Dec 2021

‘Living like a pro’ football training day in Sportpark Meerhoven

On Monday, December 27, 2021, the DBS Football Association and the Football School Winners of Tomorrow will organize the second edition of the ‘Living like a pro’ football training day for players aged 6 to 14 years.

After a successful first edition last year with more than 100 children, the […]

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3Dec 2021

Chance of development KFC and Domino’s in Zeelst much smaller now that Veldhoven politics is in doubt

The chance that two new Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Domino’s restaurants will open on the outskirts of Zeelst has become a lot smaller now that Veldhoven’s politics has started to doubt.

The plan by developer Mastade Real Estate from Waalre for building a plot between Heistraat and Zoom – […]

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3Dec 2021

Eindhoven Airport District will undergo metamorphosis in the next twenty years

‘Eindhoven Airport District’ will face serious challenges in the coming decades. The business park at the airport, among other things, needs improvement after 35 years; buildings have overdue maintenance and the quality of the public space also leaves much to be desired.

This and much more is contained in an […]

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23Nov 2021

Meerhoven residents remain angry about participation in police complex: ‘Municipality and police push their way through’

The police and the municipality of Eindhoven are pushing through with their plan for a new police complex in Meerhoven. That is the opinion of residents of the district, who, despite promises, still have not taken themselves seriously when participating in the plan.

Residents’ Association Meerhoven warns again against long-drawn-out […]

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20Nov 2021

Christmas celebration at Eindhoven Air Base cancelled also this year

The traditional Christmas night celebration at Eindhoven Air Base is canceled also this year (2021).

Every year, Eindhoven military airbase opens the doors of the passenger terminal for a Christmas night celebration on 24 December. Many residents of the airbase participate in this celebration. That celebration is canceled also this […]

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