29Aug 2020

Randweg Eindhoven closed for bicycle bridge placement, spectacle attracts a lot of attention

The specialized transport company Mammoet started on Saturday evening 29 August 2020 with the spectacular installation of a 160 meter long new bicycle bridge over the Randweg Eindhoven. The spectacle attracts a lot of attention. The A2/N2 motorway is closed and will remain closed until 8:00 am on Sunday […]

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28Aug 2020

Eindhoven Airport stops plan parking garage

Eindhoven Airport is currently pulling the plug from the plans for a new large parking garage. The tender for the construction of parking garage P5 has been discontinued. The airport announced this on Friday afternoon, August 28, 2020.

Not only the corona crisis plays a role in the decision. Earlier […]

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27Aug 2020

Bakery at Home in Veldhoven and Meerhoven

Since the end of August 2020, Veldhoven and Meerhoven have a Bakery at Home. Remy van Tintelen delivers artisan baked bread to your home for free.

The Bakery at Home concept was conceived a few years ago by Chris van Stuivenberg from Hengelo. A pilot in a Hengelo neighbourhood taught […]

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23Aug 2020

Dutch courses for Internationals in Meerhoven

In September 2020, the Meerhoven Internationals Platform will start five Dutch language courses for Internationals in Meerhoven.

The Meerhoven Internationals Platform was founded in 2014 by the former residents’ associations in Meerhoven, now united in Residents’ Association Meerhoven. Congli Dong, coordinator of the platform: “Many Internationals plan to live in […]

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23Aug 2020

Mowing activities Eindhoven Air Base

From Monday evening 24 until Wednesday morning August 26, 2020 the grass around the landing site of Eindhoven Air Base will be mowed. The work will take place between 19.00 and 6.00 hours. Afterwards, the runway system will be cleaned.

In the evening hours, the grass will be mowed on […]

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23Aug 2020

Watch live with placement of bicycle bridge ‘Tegenbosch’ over A2

The 160-meter-long bicycle bridge ‘Tegenbosch’ over the A2 and N2, just south of the Anthony Fokkerweg in Eindhoven, will be placed in the night of 29 to 30 August 2020. As a result, several roads were closed that weekend.

For example, the N2 and A2 are closed from Saturday evening […]

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14Aug 2020

Blue-green algae in lakes of Meerhoven

Blue-green algae has been found at four locations in Eindhoven, according to a survey by the Dommel Water Authority. It concerns the Oude Gracht, the Cassandraplein, lakes in Meerhoven and the Henri Dunant Park.

Contact with water contaminated with blue-green algae can cause health problems such as headaches, skin irritation […]

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13Aug 2020

Eindhoven wants to invest millions in heating networks

The municipality of Eindhoven wants to invest millions of euros in the construction of district heating networks in the old districts of the city. This should not be left to commercial parties, the mayour and aldermen believe that affordable connections are more important than making a profit.

Otherwise there is […]

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7Aug 2020

No air traffic at Eindhoven Airport for hours due to a sick person at air traffic control

Due to a shortage of air traffic controllers at military air traffic control, it was not possible to fly at Eindhoven Airport on Friday morning, August 7, 2020.

Sixteen flights could not depart. As a result, some 1400 passengers were delayed. Several flights were diverted to alternative airports, such as […]

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3Aug 2020

Substantial increase in ‘corona travelers’ Eindhoven Airport

While Eindhoven Airport has started what is normally the busiest month of the year, the number of corona-infected travelers at the airport is increasing rapidly.

In the past two weeks, the number has nearly quadrupled. Since early June 2020, 26 infected passengers have arrived at the second airport in The […]

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