5Mar 2021

Evening flights C-130 Hercules

A C-130 Hercules will perform evening flights over the Netherlands in the period from 8 to 19 March 2021, with the last landing being made at 11 pm at Eindhoven Air Base.

No flights are scheduled for Friday March 12, the last landing will be at the end of the […]

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5Mar 2021

54 American helicopters fly from Eindhoven to Rotterdam

An American helicopter brigade will move 54 aircraft from Eastern Europe via the Netherlands to the US between March 15 and April 6, 2021. The helicopters make a stopover at Eindhoven.

In addition to Black Hawks, Chinook transport helicopters and Apache attack helicopters fly from Eindhoven Air Base to Rotterdam. […]

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4Mar 2021

Google sees everything, even the mowed message on Golfbaan Welschap

The participation of Bas Heijmans and his family, the former owners of Golfbaan Welschap, in the #NL Stay at home campaign last year has been immortalized by the satellites of Google Earth.

The message “Stee seef” or “Take care of yourself” that he mowed with a colleague in the grass […]

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27Feb 2021

Man arrested after stabbing at Eindhoven Airport

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee arrested a Polish man on Saturday afternoon after a stabbing at Eindhoven Airport. The victim was stabbed at the taxi rank and was transported to hospital by ambulance.

The arrest took place, after a short chase, on the Freddy van Riemsdijkweg.

Read more on Ed.nl (in Dutch).

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27Feb 2021

Forecourt and boulevard Eindhoven Airport have a chance of winning an architecture prize

The forecourt and boulevard of Eindhoven Airport have been nominated by an international jury for the Rosa Barba landscape architecture prize for the Biennale in Barcelona.

The site between the terminal and parking garage P1 was completed last spring, as was the boulevard. The plan was designed by MTD Landscape […]

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22Feb 2021

Meerhoven neighbourhood wants better participation in the police complex; calls for help from Eindhoven City Council

The sounding board group from the Meerhoven neighbourhood, which is involved in public participation concerning the police complex that is to be built here, has called in the help of the Eindhoven municipal council. The reason for this is that the Municipality of Eindhoven and the East Brabant Police […]

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17Feb 2021

Eindhoven Airport is relieved: Minister Schouten grants a nitrogen permit

Eindhoven Airport can breathe a sigh of relief: the airport will simply receive a permit for its nitrogen emissions. Minister Carola Schouten concludes that emissions from aircraft and traffic around the airport have not increased in comparison to 2014. Environmental organization Mobilisation for the Environment has already announced legal […]

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16Feb 2021

Ennatuurlijk pulls out all the stops in court case against Meerhoven customers from Eindhoven

Ennatuurlijk is certainly not resigned to the criticism of the connection costs incurred by customers in Meerhoven. The heat supplier is pulling out all the stops to win this matter of principle. The fact that a lot of money is involved is also important, according to Ennatuurlijk representatives at […]

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15Feb 2021

Rapper Laylo from Meerhoven tells about his life on a golden new album

Just sending messages to people from the industry via Instagram. Rapper Laylo from Meerhoven entered the world this way and signed with Ali B.

The native of Eindhoven released his EP ‘Niemand Weet’ (Nobody Knows) last Friday, February 12, 2021. On it he raps about radical events in his life.

Read […]

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14Feb 2021

Start sale apartments De Hooghe Heer in Meerrijk

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 the sale of 45 owner-occupied apartments that will be realized at the southern edge of Meerrijk in Meerhoven starts.

The owner-occupied apartments are part of the new construction project De Hooghe Heer, which also includes 93 rental apartments. The project consists of a tower of fifteen […]

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