20Jun 2020

Eindhoven Airport comes back to life after three months of silence

The months of silence at and around Eindhoven Airport are over. Especially now that Transavia has also partly resumed its flight program since Thursday, June 18, 2020.

The passengers at Eindhoven Airport clearly have to get used to it. The same applies to the people who work there. The airport […]

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16Jun 2020

Plan for FeelGood Park in Meerhoven is canceled: no loan by corona

The catering industry is struggling during the corona crisis. Existing restautants are in danger of dying and new initiatives will be canceled. Such as the FeelGood Park in Meerhoven.

Priya van Breugel and Advait Bryers pursued their dream for more than six years: a restaurant with a terrace on the […]

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14Jun 2020

Eindhoven Airport locked for visitors; masks required for all travelers in terminal

For those who do not arrive or depart by plane, the arrival and departure hall at Eindhoven Airport will remain closed from Monday for the time being.

Only travelers are still welcome. For them, it is now mandatory to wear a mask all over the terminal. This makes measures a […]

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8Jun 2020

Blowout for coastguard aircraft at Eindhoven Airbase

A coastguard aircraft suffered a blowout on Monday afternoon, June 8, 2020, when landing at Eindhoven Airbase. The two occupants were not injured.

According to Eindhoven Air Base it is thanks to the skill of the pilot that the aircraft has come to a safe stop. Emergency services initially turned […]

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5Jun 2020

New dental practice in Meerhoven

In mid-July 2020, Meerhoven will have a new dental practice: Oral care Dental More.

Asal Soltani is the owner of the new practice. The entrepreneur comes from Brabant but has been working for a practice in Amsterdam for the past few years. According to her, Meerhoven is the ideal place […]

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23May 2020

Twenty official reports for young people in Meerhoven

On Friday, May 22, 2020, at around 8.30 pm, the police issued twenty official reports for 15 young people who had caused nuisance on and around the Meerplein in Meerhoven for some time.

The youngsters aged 14 to 17 years were detained by several police officers and received official reports […]

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19May 2020

Loose facade panels in Meerhoven: ugly, but not dangerous

A few years after the completion of the school building, plates of the facade of De Startbaan peel off. The school principal and the municipality do not see any danger, a local resident does.

“Irresponsible!”, says a concerned local resident. He points to the facade of Saltoschool De Startbaan on […]

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8May 2020

Reopening of the Veldhoven Library on 18 May 2020

The Veldhoven Library will open its doors again from Monday 18 May 2020. The services and opening hours have been adjusted. A number of rules apply to ensure that library visits are as safe and pleasant as possible for everyone.

Libraries can be reopened from the government from 11 […]

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19Apr 2020

Car spontaneously catches fire at McDonald’s in Meerhoven

At the McDonald’s on the Noord-Brabantlaan in Meerhoven, a car caught fire spontaneously on Sunday afternoon, April 19, 2020. The car was in the parking lot.

Large flames were visible in the parking lot. The fire brigade extinguished everything. Little is left of the car itself. It is not known […]

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13Apr 2020

Highest point Meerzicht in Meerhoven (video)

The celebration of the highest point of the Meerzicht residential tower in Meerhoven was not possible due to the Corona virus. Nevertheless, real estate company Ten Brinke Cohof and construction company Huybregts Relou did not want to let this moment go unnoticed. That is why they made a video […]

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