20Nov 2021

Eindhoven Airport takes parking war to new level: ‘Airport tries to eliminate competition’

With a remarkable move, Eindhoven Airport has announced itself at the forefront of the parking war around the airport.

The airport bought the building in which parking competitor Eazzypark is located and canceled the lease. It seems to be the death blow for the parking company, which must leave in […]

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9Nov 2021

Veldhoven restaurant Oakwood opens new business in Meerhoven

In mid-December 2021, Veldhoven restaurant Oakwood will open a new branch in Shopping Center Meerhoven: Oakwood Expres. From there, meals will be delivered or can be picked up. If it is up to initiators Brenda van der Tas and Marco de Ruijter, it will be the first of several […]

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6Nov 2021

Living at Eindhoven Airport: experiment with short-stay homes between the offices at Flight Forum

Students, knowledge workers and labor migrants who are looking for temporary accommodation have an opportunity near Eindhoven Airport. The municipality of Eindhoven wants to experiment with short-stay homes on the Flight Forum office site.

The trial should show whether it is pleasant to live between the offices and close to […]

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4Nov 2021

Eindhoven takes up the fight with ‘valet parking’ at Airport

Parking company Eazzypark is ordered by the municipality of Eindhoven to stop valet parking at Eindhoven Airport. According to the municipality, the activities are in violation of the zoning plan.

Penalties of up to several hundred thousand have been imposed on the companies in the group. Eazzypark does not agree […]

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4Nov 2021

Brand new bicycle bridge over Spottersweg in Eindhoven ready

Even before the brand new bicycle bridge over the also renewed Spottersweg is opened, the first users have already been riding over it since Monday, November 1, 2021. Followed a little later by the aldermen of Eindhoven and Oirschot who come to cut the ribbon.

The commissioning of the wide […]

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31Oct 2021

Car rolls over at Flight Forum, driver injured

A car rolled over at the Flight Forum in Meerhoven on Saturday evening. The accident happened shortly after 8.15 pm. The driver of the vehicle has been taken to hospital.

It is unknown why the car left the road and rolled over. The fire brigade came to the Flight Forum […]

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30Oct 2021

Free trail lesson Meerhoven Dance

On Saturday November 6, 2021, Paul Rook, founder of Artisticlightning Education for Art and Communication, will organize a free trial lesson for her new initiative ‘Meerhoven Dance’.

The dance location is the Waterplein near the bridge between Meerrijk and Waterrijk in Meerhoven. Every month residents can go there for the […]

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5Oct 2021

Next year cricket in park Meerhoven

With the construction of a modest pitch of 3.5 by 25 meters of artificial grass and sand, Park Meerland in the Meerhoven district will soon have a cricket accommodation.

Ram Thadigotla and Bhanu Kandregula have been playing cricket since childhood in India. “It’s the biggest sport there,” says the former. […]

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2Oct 2021

Park walk with IVN nature guides

On Sunday 10 October 2021, the Institute for Nature Education (IVN) organises a walk through Park Meerland with nature guides.

During the walk, the nature guides tell about the history of the park and its flora and fauna. The theme is end of summer and beginning of autumn. The walk […]

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19Sep 2021

Free workshop Medic First Aid for Children

On Monday, October 11 and Monday, November 8, 2021, Childcare Klokje Rond, Childcare Het Witte Wiel and First Aid expert KLS/Van den Berg organize a free workshop First Aid for children.

The workshops are intended for (future) parents. Participants learn about the dangers and safety in and around the house […]

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