Newsletter June 2020


Because of the corona crisis, public life in Meerhoven came to a virtual standstill in recent months. Activities were cancelled, the schools closed their doors and many worked at home. Slowly but surely, the corona measures are being relaxed and we can gradually pick up normal life again. Although, in the coming period we will still be at least 1.5 metres away from each other and without events such as the children’s holiday week and the four-day walk.

Residents’ Association Meerhoven is in close contact with the municipality, the police and other partners. Together we actively monitor national developments and the situation in Meerhoven. Most of the residents of Meerhoven comply neatly with the guidelines of the national government. We have offered event organisers financial support. And via Facebook great initiatives are being set up to help neighbours and entrepreneurs.

Both primary schools in Meerhoven are now open again. Sultan Solak, director of primary school ‘t Slingertouw: “The children had to get used to keeping their distance during the first week and often wash their hands, but it didn’t cause any problems. Both pupils and teachers are happy to be back at school”. Ien de Kock, director of primary school De Startbaan, can confirm this: “The children and teachers have quickly adapted to all the changes. We look back with pride on the first successful school week and look forward to the moment when we will be able to open up completely again”.

Sports clubs and catering
Sports clubs such as football club DBS and tennis club Meerhoven have resumed their training and lessons in an adapted form. And since June 1 there is also more activity at the catering industry in Meerhoven. Ralph Gijbels of Echt Welschap: “Finally open again! Reservations are required and we are allowed to receive a maximum number of guests. You don’t have to make a reservation in advance to sit outside”. Guus Nieuwenhuizen, owner of cafeteria Vierrijk, is also happy that his business can be reopened. The same goes for Jeroen Driessen of Café/Zalencentrum De Hangar.

Developments Meerrijk
The construction work in Meerrijk has so far been little affected by the corona crisis. The construction of the Meerzicht residential tower is progressing steadily. All 88 apartments are expected to be completed by the end of 2020. The apartment complex under construction (33 apartments) is also expected to be completed in early 2021. After that, the bridge for cycling and walking traffic between Waterrijk and Meerrijk will open. The construction of a further 140 apartments and 17 houses behind Korein Meerwater will commence in mid-2020. The construction time is approximately two years. Residents’ Association Meerhoven is in consultation with real estate and construction company Ten Brinke CoHof and the municipality about the supply and discharge routes for construction traffic.


The Facebook group ‘Meerhoven Photography’ was founded at the beginning of this year and immediately attracted a great deal of interest. Within one day, 100 members had registered. More than 350 members are now active on the platform. “Meerhoven Photography is a meeting place for photography lovers in Meerhoven”, says initiator and resident in Meerhoven Douwe Beckmann. “A place to show your own favourite photos, exchange tips and more.”

Beckmann had been playing with the idea of working more actively with photography in Meerhoven for some time and noticed that other residents had the same need. “In the meantime, we have held several joint photo sessions. It was a lot of fun to hang out together and take photos. The past period it was not possible to make an appointment, but now there is more space to take photos together. In Meerhoven there is enough to take pictures! Residents’ Association Meerhoven has made 1000 euros available for materials.

Interested parties can sign up via Everyone is welcome, from amateur to professional photographer, and from specialist to photo lover.


It’s not a business card for Meerrijk: the overcrowded containers for plastic packaging and the mountains of waste around them. Residents’ Association Meerhoven has held various meetings with the municipality, including alderman Rik Thijs, and Cure Afvalbeheer to come to a solution.

Extra containers
In order to reduce the pressure on the containers in Meerrijk, Cure Afvalbeheer will install additional containers for plastic packaging at three new locations in Meerhoven in June. In addition, there will be an extra glass and textile container near De Hangar in Meerrijk.

Press container
In the Autumn, five underground containers in Meerrijk will be replaced by press containers (two for plastic and three for residual waste). A press container can hold considerably more waste than an ordinary underground container. Until the arrival of the press containers, Cure will ensure that the containers are emptied more often.

More information
Residents will soon receive a letter from Cure or have received it. This letter contains the exact locations of the extra containers. For more information about waste collection in Eindhoven, please visit the website of Cure Afvalbeheer:

Prevent malfunctions
For plastic waste, use a (pedal bin) bag of up to 50 litres. Do not overfill it. A 50 litre bag fits easily in the container and prevents blockages. These bags can be purchased at any supermarket. Do not use the free yellow bags from Veldhoven municipality. These bags are not suitable and will clog the container.


Park Meerland forms the green heart of Meerhoven. It won the Dirk Roosen civil architecture and public award. The park is managed by Stichting Beheer Park Meerland (SBPM): a group of residents who have a heart for the park and form a link between the municipality and other organisations, including Residents’ Association Meerhoven. Below are a few news items about the park.

Last summer, some residents were very concerned about the welfare of the red/black-blooded cows in Park Meerland: too hot, no shade, no water, too cold, too wet, too much wind, poisonous plants, etc. SBPM now has a solution: fire-red cattle. Cees Nagtzaam, chairman of SBPM: “This typically Dutch strong breed is extremely suitable for nature grazing, as is the case in Park Meerland. The Dutch summer doesn’t bother them at all. In consultation with the foundation, the farmer, the municipality and Residents’ Association Meerhoven, it was decided to bring these cattle to Meerhoven. We ask residents not to feed the cows.”

In addition to concerns about the cows, there were also concerns about the low water level and the wellbeing of the fish. Peter van den Berk, secretary of SBPM: “During the summers of 2018 and 2019 the lakes almost fell dry. The lakes are fed by running rainwater from the surrounding residential areas and business parks. Because half of these areas have not yet been developed, there is less replenishment of water during precipitation. During a hot summer day, about 500 cubic metres of water evaporates. And how do you get extra water then? SBPM and Residents’ Association Meerhoven have discussed this with the water board and the municipality.

According to the Water Board, water from the Beatrix Canal poses a risk because of invasive water plants, heavy metals and phosphates. And process water from the biomass plant is unsuitable. At the moment, 200 cubic metres of groundwater is pumped up every day. No more is allowed due to strict regulations. As a solution, the Water Board has raised the weir at the central lake by 35 cm this spring. As a result, the water level is currently higher than normal. This measure reduces the risk of the puddles falling dry.

In the park there is an arboretum called Boomrijk: a special collection of trees and shrubs for educational purposes. The arboretum is located on the northern side of the park between the Waterlily pond and the biomass plant. Every Wednesday afternoon from 1 April to 28 October volunteers work to maintain the trees from 1 pm to 4 pm. Additional volunteers are welcome. Required tools and materials are available on site.

More information
For more information about Park Meerland, please visit the SBPM website:

Zoning plan
The ‘Meerland 2020’ zoning plan was approved in May 2020. Unused planning developments from the previous zoning plan were taken over. In concrete terms, this means that a residential tower with a maximum of 60 dwellings can still be built at the parking lot on the Zandstrand. Virtually no changes have been made in terms of content. An exception is the change of function from a non-self-contained catering industry to a self-contained catering industry with an official residence within the zoning ‘Public Interest Use’ for the FeelGood Park that is yet to be realised.


Board and committees
We are still looking for residents who want to make an active contribution within the board or one of the committees (communication, quality of life and activities) of Residents’ Association Meerhoven. Interested or questions? Please contact us via .

Nuisance to young people
Meerrijk and its surroundings have recently been plagued by young people causing nuisance. These include destruction, noise pollution, drunkenness and the leaving behind of rubbish. The problems occur particularly at night and in the early morning. Residents’ Association Meerhoven, the municipality, the police, Dynamo Youth Work, the neighbourhood watch, and the retailers association work intensively together to stop the nuisance. In mid-May, local residents were asked last week by letter to report immediately in case of nuisance via 0900 8844 and to call 112 in the event of immediate danger. In addition, the police are currently carrying out intensive checks, including at night and in the early morning. This has already had an effect. Several young people from Eindhoven (including Meerhoven) and Veldhoven received an official report and the police spoke to the parents.

Meerhoven will have its own ‘Esplanade’: a recreation zone approximately 40 metres wide and 600 metres long, centrally located between Zandrijk and Bosrijk. The project will be realised in three phases. The groundwork for the first phase (roughly between Sliffertsestraat and Echt Welschap) is expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2020. The second phase (between Echt Welschap and the bus lane) and the third phase (between Sliffertsestraat and the canal) will follow later. For more information visit

Interested in the developments in Bosrijk? If so, please visit Here you can also sign up for a digital newsletter.

At the Hooglanden location, between the Graslook and the Meerhovendreef, 56 homes will be developed and realised for various target groups. The name of the plan is ‘PUUR – Living in Meerhoven’. For more information visit

We asked the municipality to inform residents in Waterrijk about the planning of the construction work and the layout of the public space in Waterrijk, including the streets of Waterstad, Waterwijk, Waterland, Waterfront and Waterlinie. We also asked for attention to be paid to the installation of lighting on cycle paths. Residents in Waterrijk will soon receive a Wijkinfo from the municipality.

Over 800 households have now registered as members of Residents’ Association Meerhoven. The more members, the better we can represent the neighbourhood. As a member, you help decide on the course we take when it comes to, for example, traffic safety, the shopping centre, sustainability, internationalisation and district heating. Membership costs only € 5 per household per year. With your contribution we can start collective actions or legal proceedings. In addition, you support all kinds of neighbourhood activities. Not a member yet? Then sign up now via


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