Noise levels A2/A67 Randweg Eindhoven

The Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (in Dutch: Rijkswaterstaat) has announced to start a procedure to increase the maximum allowed noise levels at the facades of 193 homes in Meerhoven and the surrounding area. This is due to the increasing traffic on the A2/A67 Randweg Eindhoven. Residents affected received a letter from Rijkswaterstaat in April 2022.

In Meerhoven, this concerns 73 homes located at the Bosfazant, Bosgaai, Bosleeuwerik, Grasanjelier, Grasbloem, Grasfonteinkruid, Graskers, Grasklokje, Graslelie, Grasplant, Grassavanne, Sliffertsestraat, Stillendijk, Zandbaars, Zandgroeve, Zandhaai, Zandoever, Zandreiger, Zandschuit and Zandvis. Please check this overview for the specific house numbers.

The plan to increase the maximum allowed noise level at the abovementioned homes has been published on the website of the Bureau Sanering Verkeerslawaai. Anyone could respond to the plan until Wednesday, May 18, 2022. This cwas possible through a so-called view (in Dutch: zienswijze). Based on the views received, the plan may be adjusted. The Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management will then take a decision. Anyone who has submitted a view and disagrees with the decision may appeal to the court.

At the request of several members, we have studied the plans and drafted this view. In that view, among other things, we proposed tackling the problem at the source and not (again) burdening residents with more noise than is currently permitted.IThe view has been sent to the minister. Do you live in one of the 73 homes mentioned above? Then you received a letter from us in May 2022 advising you to submit a similar view so that you do not lose your right to appeal later. See our example letter (in Word or PDF).

Do you have any questions about his topic? Please contact us at . During the next General Meeting of June 20, 2022 we will also discuss this topic.