Local residents have unsuccessfully protested to the Council of State against the environmental permit for a restaurant with a terrace in Park Meerland in Meerhoven, the FeelGood Park Meerhoven.

That was apparent from a ruling by the Council of State on Wednesday, October 23, 2019. All objections to the permit have been declared unfounded. The court previously gave the green light for an amended permit. Local residents appealed against this to the Council of State.

FeelGood Park
A few years ago, after the success of their FeelGood Market on Strijp-S, Priya van Breugel and Advait Bryers came up with the idea of ​​creating a sustainable eatery in nature. A place to unwind, get inspired, relax and enjoy the ‘FeelGood atmosphere’, according to the intended managers. Eventually they found that place in Meerhoven on the Waterfront at Park Meerland. The idea was named FeelGood Park.

Although most people in Meerhoven welcome the FeelGood Park, there are also objections from local residents. They fear that the Feelgood Park will cause nuisance. Mainly because of the parking place and the opening hours. The FeelGood Park would be a fact in the summer of 2018, but due to a lawsuit between local residents and the municipality, the realization of the eatery was postponed.

The highest court has now determined that the objections from local residents are unfounded. According to the judge, FeelGood Park is not an attack on the living and living climate, as local residents claim. Local residents, however, still fear for a ‘party shed’ with additional parking nuisance and disturbance to their night’s sleep.

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