Park Meerland

Meerland-parkPark Meerland forms the green heart of Meerhoven. It won the Dirk Roosenburg architecture and public award. Meerland is a landscape park with a size of 60 hectares, comparable to more than 100 football fields. The design of the park is inspired by the English landscape style and is full of surprises. Characteristic of the park are the hills and slopes with beautiful views, forests and wide grass plains, large water features and winding fens. Three elliptical meadows are located centrally in the park. There are two pastures where cows graze. The third meadow is the playground. On this large playground, residents can organize activities together. This ensures liveliness in the park. Besides green there are also special animal species in Meerland. Barn swallow

Park Meerland Foundation
A group of residents involved manages Meerland Park. Together with the municipalit, the Park Meerland Foundation checks several times a year the paths, banks, trash cans, plants, trees and play equipment. The foundation also reports vandalism and supports organizers of activities in Meerland. The foundation also has its own website:

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