Until Wednesday, August 25, 2021, residents can react to the Transition Vision on Heat of the Municipality of Eindhoven. This vision describes how the municipality will become natural gas free before 2050.

The Netherlands will stop using natural gas. The aim is to reduce CO₂ emissions. In most places, natural gas is still used for heating, hot water (showering) and cooking. By 2050, the government wants to have replaced natural gas in all districts and business parks in The Netherlands with a sustainable heating system without fossil fuels. Therefore, all municipalities must have written a Heat Transition Vision by 2021.

According to the Municipality of Eindhoven’s Heat Transition Vision, a number of neighbourhoods including Meerhoven are already partially free of natural gas, or only very little natural gas is used there. According to Kees Verhagen, who works as an energy adviser at 040energie and is also active in Duurzaam Meerhoven (Sustainable Meerhoven), that statement is absolutely incorrect. Verhagen: “A large part of district heating in Meerhoven still runs on natural gas. Per household, only 25% of the natural gas is saved there now, but due to the combustion of prunings, the CO₂ burden per household is about 210% compared to a house fired with natural gas. The transition vision of the municipality does not elaborate on how Meerhoven will become completely natural gas-free.” Read the full public consultation response of Kees Verhagen here (in Dutch).

Until Wednesday, August 25, 2021 the Municipality of Eindhoven’s Heat Transition Vision (in Dutch) is available for public consultation. Until then, it is possible for everyone to react to the contents of the plan. This can be done digitally, in writing or orally. For more information, please visit the website of the Eindhoven municipality and the website of Duurzaam Meerhoven.