A library in Meerhoven. That is the wish of residents in Meerhoven who recently started a petition for this.

A library is not only for lending books, but also has an important social function. Think of the organization of cultural activities, reading afternoons, walk-in coffee, tax consultations, language courses, computer training for beginners and other activities aimed at meeting and social cohesion. Currently, Meerhoven lacks such a meeting point.

In addition to the main branch in Eindhoven, there were district libraries scattered throughout the city in the past. In 2009 Meerhoven also got a district library. This was part of the SPIL center Meerbos opposite De Hangar. The abbreviation SPIL stands for Play (in Dutch: Spelen), Integrate, Learn. A few years later, all district libraries in Eindhoven were closed due to budget cuts. But that is about to change. Recently the government has decided that every inhabitant in the Netherlands should have access to a fully-fledged public library within a reasonable distance. Municipalities will receive extra money for this. And from 2025 it is also a legal task (duty of care) of municipalities.

Do you support the wish for a library in Meerhoven? Then visit the website petities.nl and sign the petition.