In recent days, nuisance has been experienced in Meerhoven from young people setting off heavy fireworks. The police are calling on residents to report nuisance immediately and not to wait until the next morning.

Meerhoven has been plagued for some time by young people who cause nuisance in and around the center of Meerhoven. This includes vandalism, noise pollution, drunkenness and leaving rubbish behind. The problems are now also occurring in the rest of the neighbourhood.

Residents who experience nuisance are urged to call 0900 8844 immediately and not to wait until the next morning. In case of immediate danger, call 112. It is valuable for the police to get a good description of clothing and means of transport. On the basis of this information, the police can take immediate and targeted action and determine the identity of the young people more quickly. Any visual material can be sent at a later time in consultation with the police.

The police, the municipality, Dynamo Youth Work, the neighbourhood watch, the retailers association and the Meerhoven Residents’ Association are working closely together to stop the nuisance. Residents in Meerrijk have been called upon before the summer via a letter from Residents’ Association Meerhoven to immediately report nuisance. In addition, the police are currently carrying out intensive checks, including at night and in the early morning.

For questions or comments, residents can contact local police officer Erwin van Melis (e-mail: , telefoon 0900 8844) or Residents Association Meerhoven .