Since Wednesday, March 17, 2021, items have been stolen from nine homes in Meerhoven. In all cases, the perpetrator or perpetrators entered the home through an unlocked door or window. The police ask residents to be alert to this.

The burglaries took place in recent days in the neigbourhoods Zandrijk, Waterrijk and Grasrijk. In nearly all cases the perpetrators entered the house by means of ‘pinballing’. This involves using a (bank) card between the door and the frame to press the lock and open the door. This method is often used on front doors that are not locked. In all nine cases, electronic equipment was taken. No one has yet been arrested.

Residents are advised to always lock the door and remove the key. It is also advised not to leave windows open unattended. Look for tips on the website of the politie (in Dutch). See also the video below.

In the case of suspicious situations, contact the police via the general number 0900-8844. In case of emergency, call 112. District police officers Erwin van Melis and Marieke Bakermans can also be reached by e-mail at en .