Monday August 22, 2022 Fontys University of Applied Sciences will start with the introduction week (Purple) for all new students. A temporary campsite is being set up at Park Forum for this purpose.

During the introduction week, the students get to know each other, their studies and the city. Students can then spend the night together with fellow students at a Purple campsite. This temporary campsite is set up by a professional project team.

Park Forum
This year, the pop-up campsite will be set up on the grassy meadow behind the biomass power station near Park Forum. From August 22 to 27, 2022, about 2,400 students will stay overnight at the campsite. The site is fenced off and equipped with all facilities. The environment is taken into account when designing the campsite

Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Meerhoven Residents’ Association discussed the set-up of the Purple camping site. Good agreements have been made about communication and measures to limit nuisance.

Digital residents’ letter
Fontys University of Applied Sciences has drawn up a digital residents’ letter (in Dutch) for local residents. A translated version of this letter can be found here.

More information
Also read: ‘Huge tent camp under construction in Eindhoven, sleeping place for about 2500 students during introduction’ (Eindhovens Dagblad, August 18, 2022, in Dutch) and ‘Pop-up campsite for introduction week’ (Studio040, August 19, 2022, in Dutch).