The police want to realize new housing on the Land Forum business park in Meerhoven. The municipality will investigate with the police whether this is feasible.

It is being investigated whether different functions of the police can be combined at this location. This includes workplaces for around 1,250 police officers, parking facilities for (police) vehicles and a training location. The cell complex then also moves to this location. This complex is now located at the police station on Mathildelaan and elsewhere in the region. A police station will remain on Mathildelaan from where police services are provided.

Land Forum
The police station on Mathildelaan is due for replacement and is not suitable for all services that the police want to bring together. That is why it was decided to build a new, large police complex outside the center. A smaller police station will be located at the current location on Mathildelaan. So there will be no “service” counter at the new location. Land Forum has been chosen as the preferred location because there is sufficient space here (5 hectares), it is close to the motorway and is easily accessible by car and public transport.

Follow-up process
The municipality and police are going to investigate in the near future whether it is feasible to house the police at Land Forum. Among other things, the integration into the area, finances, communication and planning is examined. It is not yet known what the building (or buildings) will look like. That only comes after the feasibility study. The police want to involve local residents in making the plans. That is why contact is being sought with local residents for the future.

More information
For questions you can contact Chris van Valburg, project manager of the municipality of Eindhoven. Email: . Telephone: 14040. For more information, also read the District Info of the municipality of Eindhoven (in Dutch).

Possible location for housing the police. Source: District Info Municipality Eindhoven.