The Bosrand – the road that lies along the southern edge of Bosrijk and connects the neighbourhoods of Zandrijk and Grasrijk – is still designed as a temporary road. The municipality of Eindhoven is now going to finalize the layout of this road.

The municipality has made a preliminary design for this. The principles for the preliminary design were discussed earlier with a representation of residents’ associations in Meerhoven.

The design includes the following measures:

  • Parts of the pavement are laid in a different motif (herringbone instead of a half-brick connection). This has a positive effect on the noise level caused by traffic.
  • Grass concrete stones are laid on both sides to prevent the verges from being broken.
  • Speed bumps are adjusted to suit Meerhoven.
  • The narrowings are adjusted. The free passage for cars remains 2.40 meters.
  • Replacement/adjustment of lampposts.
  • Planting green on either side of the road (at residential cluster 18 more green will be planted along the Bosrand in a later phase)

The municipality wants to give residents the opportunity to respond to the “Preliminary Design Bosrand” within two weeks. The design can be seen on the website (in Dutch).