Primary school ‘t Slingertouw in Meerhoven is probably one of the first Brainport Schools in primary education.

The Brainport School is a joint initiative of the Jan van Brabant College in Helmond, the Strabrecht College in Geldrop and the Heerbeeck College in Best. A Brainport School works closely together with companies and organizations in their own environment, so that the lessons in the classroom fit in better with everyday reality outside the school. Pupils are thus better educated for a successful career in the Brainport region. Currently there are eleven Brainport Schools in secondary education. Next year nine Brainport Schools from primary schools are expected to be added to this.

Global citizenship
Sultan Solak, deputy director Primary School ‘t Slingertouw: “We are currently an aspiring Brainport School and we are working towards a Brainport School The developments of the past years fit in perfectly with the pillars of a Brainport school. Pupils learn to focus on (digital) global citizenship with an emphasis on research, entrepreneurship and design, such as offering English from group 1, we pay attention to music and the children get in touch with programming. As a citizen of the world, and we ensure that our students leave school with a good morale.”

More information
Read more on the Brainport Eindhoven website (in Dutch).