A 55 million euro loan from the province to Eindhoven Airport to expand the terminal is not yet a done deal. On Friday, July 1, 2022, the Mobility Committee cracked a number of critical notes. ‘The province must not play the role of bank’. 

The airport wants a larger terminal because the current one is calculated to handle ‘only’ 5 million passengers, while in 2019 that number was 6.7 million.  Most of the backlash came from the SP: “This larger terminal is simply meant to allow for an expansion of the number of passengers. Unbelievable that Airport is presenting this plan now, while the whole world is talking about environmental and climate problems”. There was also criticism from GroenLinks: “We are not really in favor of more comfort. There are also risks attached to the loan; the aviation sector is in dire straits”. Various parties found that the government should not want to play the bank and that the pot from which is being procured – the Essent money – is certainly not intended for this.

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