Residents in Meerhoven recently received the first newsletter from Residents’ Association Meerhoven.

Through this medium, the association wants to keep residents informed of what’s going on in the neighbourhood. This is in addition to the news that is distributed via the website and social media. The newsletter appears on average once a quarter and is delivered door-to-door by a team of more than 20 volunteers to all around 4500 households in Meerhoven. Due to the many internationals in the neighbourhood, the newsletter is also available in English.

First edition
In the first edition, ample attention for the association and the developments around municipal heating. There is also an interview with the local police officer. Other topics are the neighbourhood watch Meerhoven, Discorijk and short news.

Hard copy
Residents who have not received the newsletter, for example because of a ‘no-no sticker’, can view the newsletter below. The newsletter is also available as a hard copy at a number of locations in Meerhoven, such as De Hangar and Cafetaria Vierrijk.

Download newsletter

Download nieuwsbrief