Residents’ Association Waterrijk

Residents’ Association Waterrijk is founded to represent all inhabitants of Waterrijk in meetings with other residents organizations, Winkelcentrum Meerhoven, the municipality and all kinds of other organizations that are active in Meerhoven in the field of care, welfare, youth, etc. In other words, advocacy for a pleasant living environment. Together with the other residents organizations in Meerhoven, the association receives a subsidy from the municipality to achieve this

One of the most important binding factors are activities. Partly large-scale activities such as the Meerhovendag and the Parkdag and partly small-scale activities at street level such as a street BBQ.

There are one or more representatives per street who regularly have meetings with the municipality of Eindhoven. In addition, there is a general member meeting once a year, where everyone is informed and can make his or her say and actively participate in decision making.

If you want to be kept up-to-date about what is going on in the neighbourhood or want to actively contribute within Residents’ Accociation Waterrijk or (incidentally) help with activities, send an e-mail to .