The municipality of Eindhoven and school board SKPO have made a decision about the restoration of the leaks at primary school ‘t Slingertouw location Waterlinie. The roof, walls, floor and consequential damage will be restored.

Jannie Visscher, alderman for education and educational housing: “I am pleased that the work has started and that children and teachers will have lessons in a good building next school year”. Peter Tijs from SKPO: “Fortunately, together with the municipality we have been able to find out the cause of the leak and we can quickly teach in our own building again!”

Since the delivery in 2011, there is moisture in the part of the school located at the basement level. This is due to, among other things, a leak in the roof. Previously performed repairs did not have the desired result. From August 2016, the school is housed in the temporary facility Zandkasteel, so that the municipality of Eindhoven could investigate the cause of the leaks. In the past period, the investigations have been completed, the wall leaks have been repaired and the preparatory work for the restoration of the roof has been completed. This week the municipality has started the work to replace the roof.

More pupils
This moment is also being used to better organize the available spaces in the building so that the Waterrijk Spilcentrum provides space for 150 more pupils. The educational vision of the school is better reflected in the new building. At the same time, the areas of out-of-school care are also better classified by the rearrangement. Only after the roof has been repaired can these extra work be carried out. All work is expected to be completed in the new school year.

Source: Municipality of Eindhoven.