From Friday 6 September 9 am to Monday 9 September 2019 5 am, the municipality will carry out large-scale road work on the Anthony Fokkerweg. Traffic from Flight Forum towards the A2/N2 will be redirected.

The two lanes on the north side of the Anthony Fokkerweg are then closed. The southern lanes are used for traffic towards Flight Forum and Eindhoven Airport. The municipality advises to avoid the Anthony Fokkerweg and to follow the diversions.

Road work
The road work include breaking up asphalt, installing new asphalt, applying new marking and re-grinding the detection loops for traffic lights. These activities are accompanied by noise disturbance.

Due to the increased traffic, the accessibility of the Anthony Fokkerweg and the surrounding area has come under pressure. To improve the flow and accessibility of the entire area, the municipality carries out various activities. In order to limit the traffic nuisance during the work as much as possible, the work is carried out in phases.

More information
For questions or more information, please contact Jerome Verbruggen, implementation coordinator of the municipality, tel: 06 43 016 065 or . The website (in Dutch) contains detailed information about accessibility and the diversions per phase. Also read the District information of the Municipality of Eindhoven (in Dutch).