On Monday, February 25, 2019 the municipality of Eindhoven starts road work on the Anthony Fokkerweg between Flight Forum and the A2/N2 including the entrances and exits of the N2. If everything goes according to plan, the work will be completed by 31 December 2020.

Due to the increased traffic volume, the accessibility of the Anthony Fokkerweg and surrounding area has come under pressure. To improve the flow and accessibility of the entire area, the municipality carries out various activities:

  • construction of a new ramp south from the Anthony Fokkerweg to the N2 (near Novotel);
  • broadening Anthony Fokkerweg including existing entrances and exits of the N2 (exit 29);
  • widening the existing bridge over the Beatrix canal (north side);
  • relocation¬†of the cycle path on the Novotel side from the Beatrix Canal to the N2;
  • the construction of a new bicycle bridge over the A2/N2 including guided bicycle paths;
  • the construction of a bicycle tunnel on the west side of the Beatrix Canal.

In order to limit the traffic nuisance as much as possible during the work, the work is carried out in phases. The schedule depends on the weather and other unforeseen circumstances. On the spot, yellow signs and carts provide information about the work and any diversions.

More information
For more information, see the District Info (in Dutch) and drawing (in Dutch).