Self-construction in Meerhoven

waterrijk-straatbeeld-03Do you want to decide for yourself how your house will look like? And don’t want to pay too much? Then your dream can be fulfilled in Meerhoven. The municipality of Eindhoven offers plots in this modern, versatile and green residential area on the west side of the city. In Meerhoven there are plenty of opportunities to realize your dream home yourself or together. Meerhoven offers you the space for that. You can adjust the design, price, size, shape and layout of the home to your living requirements. A unique concept! Discover what options Meerhoven offers you for realizing your dream home and get to know the different areas.


winkelcentrum-appartementenBying an apartment in Meerrijk
In the center of Meerhoven several apartments are for sale.
bestemmingsplannenZoning plans
All information about zoning plans, structure visions, project decisions, preparatory decisions and environmental permits.
buurtmonitorNeighborhood Monitor Eindhoven
Statistical data about Eindhoven including Meerhoven.
NotaWell-being and spatial quality
With the welfare policy, the municipality of Eindhoven is trying to create a pleasant and attractive cityscape.
All information about permits.