Estate de Wielewaal was purchased by the municipality of Eindhoven in early 2022. Before the estate is (partially) opened to the public, the municipality will make a development vision with plans, wishes and ambitions for the Wielewaal and its surroundings. Between December 2 and 18, 2022, residents can express opinions and ideas.

The Wielewaal is part of a much larger, green area. An urban forest that lies between the Boschdijk, the Beatrixkanaal, the Anthony Fokkerweg and the Elburglaan. The former golf course directly adjacent to the residential area of Meerhoven is also part of the urban forest. The development vision deals with this entire area.

Share your opinion and ideas
Residents can share their opinions and ideas in different ways. This can be done by visiting the Stadsbosdoolhof, filling out a digital survey or by participating in the Stadsbosdag, which will take place December 6, 2022 from 7 to 9 pm at the information center near the Philips Fruittuinen. For more information, visit See also the Wijkinfo of the municipality. Residents’ Association Meerhoven appreciates it if residents in Meerhoven also share their opinions and ideas with the association at . Based on this feedback, the association can add strength to the opinions and ideas of Meerhoven residents during discussions with the municipality.

Follow up
Where possible, the input of residents will be included in the development vision. The municipality will also talk to partners in the city, such as entrepreneurs and interest groups. Then the draft vision will be made available for review and everyone can react. The city council will adopt the vision at the end of 2023. The Wielewaal will be (partially) opened to the public in mid-2025 at the earliest. Want to know more? Visit