Social cricket

This summer, the municipality of Eindhoven will start a pilot project with the construction of a cricket pitch on the playing field of Park Meerland in Meerhoven. This at the request of many internationals in the neighbourhood. Cricket is a popular sport among internationals in Meerhoven. For this sport, a large field is needed with a strip in the middle, the so-called pitch. Since the professional fields are rarely available for amateur sport, the internationals were looking for an alternative location to play ‘social cricket’. The playing field at Park Meerland proved to be the most suitable.

After consultation with the Residents’ Association Meerhoven and other organisations, the municipality plans to set up the pitch as a trial. The Board is positive towards the initiative, as it brings people of all nationalities closer together, and the initiators want to involve the entire neighbourhood in the sport. For example, with workshops for children and adults. During the game, only part of the playing field is needed. Therefore, the meadow remains available for other activities.

Good agreements will be made with the initiators about the use of the playground and safety. It is a public space: everyone is welcome there and there must be room for everyone to meet, exercise or connect. Most cricketers come from the neighbourhood. Arrangements for toilet use have been made with De Hangar. The pilot is for two years. During this period, there will be several moments of evaluation with the initiators and the organisations involved.

More information
As soon as the pilot starts, you will find the contact information of the initiators here.