Subsidy for activities in Meerhoven

Residents’ Association Meerhoven annually applies for a subsidy from the municipality of Eindhoven for activities that take place in the Meerhoven district. The association has been asked by the municipality of Eindhoven to apply for this subsidy on behalf of all residents of Meerhoven.

The subsidy scheme that the residents’ association applies to is the municipal subsidy scheme for area-oriented work in non-action areas. The aim of the subsidy scheme is to contribute to maintaining and improving the quality of life in neighbourhoods and the district. The condition is also that the subsidized activities are accessible to everyone in the street/neighbourhood/district in question. Within Meerhoven, a distinction is made between subsidies for streets/neighbourhoods and subsidies for other activities.

Annual budget subsidy for streets/neighbourhoods
For streets and neighbourhoods in Meerhoven where a local residents’ organization is active, a subsidy of € 2.50 per year per resident of the street and neighbourhood in question can be granted. The condition is that the activities are accessible to everyone in the street/neighbourhood in question. The local residents’ organization applies for this subsidy annually from the Residents’ Association Meerhoven via . If a street or neighbourhood applies for this annual subsidy per inhabitant, a subsidy can no longer be requested for other (one-off) activities organized in the same street/neighbourhood. If this does happen, we will refer the applicant to the local residents’ organization that received the subsidy.

Subsidy for other activities
Subsidy can also be applied for for other activities that are often organized across Meerhoven. Subsidy can also be requested for more limited activities of (parts of) streets/neighbourhoods that have not yet applied for the annual subsidy (see above). The condition is that the activity is accessible to everyone in the street/neighbourhood in question. The organization of the activity submits an application for a subsidy to Residents’ Association Meerhoven via with a description of the activity, the intended number of participants and an estimate of the costs and income and the requested subsidy.

Subsidy application procedure
Applications for a grant must be submitted before December 1st of the year preceding the year to which the activity relates. The board of Residents’ Association Meerhoven can then include the subsidy application in the budget that is determined annually by the board and submitted to the general meeting. Subsidy applications that may be submitted later cannot be guaranteed that they will be honored. However, an item will be included in the annual budget to also honor requests received during the year.

Subsidy accountability
Residents’ Association Meerhoven must account annually for the expenditure of the subsidy. The justification consists of a description of the activities that must be accompanied by a number of photos of the activities. Facebook posts or other social media posts can also serve as justification. Organizers of the activities will send a short report with a number of photos to after the activity.