Survey Digicafé Meerhoven

Survey Digicafé Meerhoven
A previous survey showed that there is a need for help with the use of a smartphone, tablet or computer among seniors. That is why we are considering organizing a series of Digicafé meetings. Consultation hours are held during which young people act as digicoach to help the seniors with the use of their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Below some details:

  • Dates: from mid-September 2020, usually in the evening.
  • Location: De Blinkerd or De Hangar.
  • Consultation hours in small groups by appointment.
  • There is always an adult present (board member of Residents Association Meerhoven).
  • Everyone brings their own things (laptop, tablet, smartphone and paper for notes).
  • Current corona rules are carefully observed, including (at this time):
    • Keep 1.5 meters distance;
    • Items touched by others are cleaned;
    • Disinfectants for hands and belongings are available.

We would like to gauge your interest in this set-up through the following questions. Questions with an asterisk (*) are required.

Would you like to use a Digicafé consultation hour as described above? *
Do you have a preference for the location of the consultation hour? *
What are the main reasons why you are not interested? (More than one answer possible.)
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