At the end of June 2020, the municipality conducted a survey among Meerhoven residents about the future of Meerhoven. One thing is clear: Meerhoven wants more restaurants and bars.

That Meerhoven residents feel involved in their living environment is evident from the enormous response. Almost 1000 residents completed the survey and more than 200 residents indicated that they would like to contribute ideas about their neighbourhood.

When asked which facilities residents lack in Meerhoven, more than 58% of the respondents mentioned restaurants and bars. More than 47% misses (certain) stores. Also, about 20% would like to see more activities and events. When asked ‘What do you pay attention to first if you were an alderman?’, improving the attractiveness of the shopping center is the top priority. This point is mentioned by almost 40%. The problems with waste are in second place (28%), followed by insecurity (22%). Residents feel particularly unsafe because of  young people hanging around and causing nuisance and because of burglaries. But in general residents associate Meerhoven with pleasant and quiet living. To be kept informed of what is going on in Meerhoven, 60% prefer the newsletter of the residents’ association. This is followed by the municipal district information with 35%. Channels such as Facebook and the residents’ association website were also cited as important sources of information. All the results of the survey can be found on the website of the municipality of Eindhoven.

Area program
The municipality will use the results to develop a Meerhoven area program that will be ready by the end of 2020 at the latest. With this program, the municipality is mapping out the points for attention for the coming years. Residents who have indicated that they would like to contribute ideas about the area program will receive an invitation to participate in a digital theme session.