Switching from the heat network in the Eindhoven district of Meerhoven to your own heat pump? That can cost you dearly. This was the experience of Freek Schoonbrood, who had to pay more than 4,000 euros to be disconnected from the heat network.

Find out who owns the pipes in the ground. It would have saved Freek Schoonbrood a lot of misery if he had known that his connection to the heat network belonged to the municipality of Eindhoven and not to Ennatuurlijk. A few meters of cable turns out to make a difference of thousands of euros in closing costs. At the municipality of Eindhoven you turn out to be ten times as expensive as at Ennatuurlijk.

Read more on Ed.nl (in Dutch). See also page 3 of the newsletter of Residents’ Association Meerhoven (May 2023).