Items were stolen from a house on the Zandhaai in Meerhoven between Friday evening, February 14, and Saturday morning, February 15, 2020.

No traces were found. However, items were stolen. That is why the police suspects that people have entered the house via ‘flipperen’. Burglars can press and open the lock with a (bank) pass between the door and the frame. In The Netherlands this method is called ‘flipperen’. The theft occurred between 9 pm and 9 am.

Residents are advised to always lock the door and remove the key. Look for tips on the police website (in Dutch). See also the video below.

The police call on residents to report on telephone number 0900 8844 or via the contact form of local police officer Erwin Melis if they have information that can lead to the identification of the person. Call 112 in case of emergency (caught in the act).