On Saturday 23 February 2019 at 10.30 am the first Social Sofa of Meerhoven will be unveiled at the Meerplein in Meerhoven Shopping Center.

You see them more and more often in the streets: the Social Sofas, concrete neighbourhood benches with a unique mosaic image. The concept was conceived in 2006 by the Tilburg cabaret artist Karin Bruers out of dissatisfaction with social chilling. She thought that every street should have at least one bank, because there is a great need for natural meeting places in the neighbourhood

In Meerhoven there is no Social Sofa yet. Residents’ associations, municipality and shopping center Meerhoven have joined forces for the first Social Sofa in Meerhoven. The bank will be placed on the Meerplein in shopping center Meerhoven. A logical place because the center connects all the neighbourhoods of Meerhoven.

Design competition
Last month children from primary schools’ t Slingertouw and De Startbaan could participate in a design competition. That competition was won by Rosa from group 6 of ‘t Slingertouw. Now the biggest job remains: the mosaics of the bench. The following months, residents worked hard to mosaic the bank. This work took place at Jongerencentrum De Hangar. The volunteers hope that the bank will improve social contacts.

More information
For more information: www.facebook.me/socialsofameerhoven.