Walking Dinner

Do you enjoy chatting and dining with local residents? Then read on below.

One of the objectives of the Residents’ Association Meerhoven is to connect residents with each other. Meerhoven is a district with a great diversity of cultures. And as everyone knows, food plays an important social role in every culture and contributes to connection.

Walking dinner
A concept that has already been tried and tested in other neighbourhoods is a ‘walking dinner’: a three-course dinner where you eat each course with a different cooking couple in the neighbourhood. The composition of the group is different every course. You provide one of the three courses at your home for six people. You can register per couple.

Would you like to participate in a walking dinner with your housemate or someone else? Would you like to help organize? Or do you already have experience with a walking dinner? Please let us know by Friday March 15th via this interest form. If there is enough interest, we will get started!