Due to construction activities in Meerrijk, Cure Afvalbeheer has moved several waste containers in Shopping Center Meerhoven. In 2023 the containers will be placed at their final locations.

The underground waste containers at the Meergras location have been removed because this location will be inaccessible for one and a half years due to construction activities. To maintain the current capacity, Cure Afvalbeheer replaced five containers at two other locations with compactors. A compactor can hold three to four times as much waste as a regular container. Some containers still need to be provided with a sticker. The current locations of the containers are shown on the map below (in Dutch).

Since the changes had not been communicated and coordinated with the neighbourhood in advance, residents were confused last week. In addition, several residents experienced inconvenience from glass containers that were suddenly placed in front of their homes.

Extra capacity
Cure regrets that the temporary situation was not coordinated with the neighbourhood. Last year the waste company had made firm agreements with Residents’ Assocation Meerhoven to increase the capacity of waste collection in Meerhoven. For example, in mid-2020 Cure placed extra containers at three new locations in Meerhoven (parking lots Oude/Nieuwe Sliffertsestaat, Waterfont and Sportpark Meerhoven). Later that year, five regular containers in the shopping center were to be replaced by compactors. For technical reasons, this only happened now.

Due to the temporary loss of the Meergras location, the capacity is still insufficient. Also, the waste containers are not in the agreed-upon place. At the end of this month, Cure will meet with  Residents’ Association Meerhoven to discuss the temporary situation. Containers may then be moved or replaced to limit inconvenience to residents. The waste capacity will also be discussed.

Prevent disruptions
Although a compactor has three to four times more capacity than a regular container, that capacity can only be used if the opening of the container is not blocked. For plastic waste, use a (pedal bin) bag of no more than 50 liters. Do not overfill it. A 50 liter bag fits easily in the container and prevents blockages. Do not use the free yellow bags from Veldhoven Municipality. These bags are not suitable and will clog up the container.

Click on the map to enlarge. The aboveground textile container will be placed at the De Hangar in the week of 19 April 2021. It is currently located across from the health center.