Residual waste, organic waste and paper
In single-family homes, residual waste and vegetable, fruit and garden waste (GFT) are collected in the gray and green bin (mini containers). Old paper is collected separately. The waste collection schedule of Cure Afvalbeheer contains the data on which residual waste, organic waste and paper are collected. Residents who can not use a mini container have (or get) access to an underground waste container.

Glass and PBD
In shopping center Meerhoven there are various underground containers for the collection of glass, PBD, clothing and residual waste. PBD stands for plastic packaging waste, tins and drinking packs. The containers are located opposite Jumbo supermarket, between Albert Heijn supermarket and the Zandbrug and at De Hangar. See map below. You can also dispose of plastic in the containers at the parking lots Oude/Nieuwe Sliffertsestaat, Waterfont and Sportpark Meerhoven.

Temporary situation
Due to construction work in Meerrijk, Cure Afvalbeheer relocated several waste containers in Meerhoven Shopping Centre in April 2021. In 2023/2024 the containers will be in their final location. However, some containers were not in a convenient place. By that time there will also be underground paper containers.

Prevent disruptions
Although a compactor has three to four times more capacity than a regular container, that capacity can only be used if the opening of the container is not blocked. For plastic waste, use a (pedal bin) bag of no more than 50 liters. Do not overfill it. A 50 liter bag fits easily in the container and prevents blockages. Do not use the free yellow bags from Veldhoven Municipality. These bags are not suitable and will clog up the container.

Course dirt
For coarse dirt, you can use the waste recycling center (milieustraat). The waste recycling point are free for residents of Eindhoven on presentation of the city pass. The wastre recycling centers are located at Achtseweg Noord 41 and Lodewijkstraat 9 in Eindhoven.

Reusable items
Het Goed Eindhoven collects your reusable items. You can hand in your goods at the store at Meerakkerweg 2 in Eindhoven. For residents of Eindhoven, Het Goed collects your goods at home for free. You can also contact Kringloopwinkel Stedencontact Bialystok at the Laagstraat in Eindhoven.

If you experience nuisance from rubbish in the street, please contact the municipality of Eindhoven. This can be done by telephone (14 040 or 040 238 6000), by e-mail () or via the BuitenBeter app (www.buitenbeter.nl).

For general information about waste and its recycling, see the site of Cure Afvalbeheer.