Housing corporation Woonbedrijf will build 400 temporary, movable homes at the P+R Meerhoven in Eindhoven from the end of 2023. That plan is now being worked out.

The homes are intended ‘for a diverse target group, a cross-section of society’, the parties say. One third is intended for status holders and Ukrainian refugees, two thirds go into normal rental. The social landlord and the municipality have agreed on this.

Winter emergency shelter
The winter emergency shelter for up to 70 homeless people will also be located at the location until April 2023. That does not stand in the way of the houses on the large site, the municipality says. In fact, the large tent behind hotel Campanile on Noord-Brabantlaan will probably remain available for the homeless for another two winter seasons. Asylum seekers or refugees could also be accommodated throughout the year. Both options are under further investigation.

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